Notices (CH101)






Credit Accumulation Examination (Waiver Exam) for General Chemistry I (CH101)


1. Date & time: March 4 [Mon, 18:30 - 20:00 p. m.(1.5 hour)] .


2. Place:      


# of students

Location (E11, lecture room)





3. Text book and Covering range

   General Chemistry textbook level for the subject below

-Atomic structure and properties / Molecular and ionic compound structure and properties / Intermolecular forces and properties / Chemical reactions / Kinetics / Thermodynamics / Equilibrium / Acids and bases / Applications of thermodynamics


4. Requirement

 Student can take the exam only once within the first year of admission


5. Application and Procedure

Follow the mehtods and procedure of the application announced by Academic Registrar's office.


6. Passing condition and progress

 1) Students who pass the exam successfully will earn the credit of General Chemistry I. (The exam results will be posted on the general chemistry website. They can individually cancel the General Chemistry I course and apply for another course. Also, they may request withdrawal of the examination passing in order to reject the credits awarded.)

 2) Students who do not pass the exam will not receive any grades, and they continue to take the course.

3) Credit recognition examination for Advanced Chemistry course scheduled to opened newly in 2024 will not be provided.


Important Notices on the Examination


1) You have to bring your calculator. (If you don't bring your own calculator with you, you can NEVER borrow one from other person during the exam. Make sure that your calculator has new, fresh batteries and is in good working order.)


2) Please, bring your ID card. You won't be permitted to take the exam unless you have one acceptable form of photo identification with you. A driver's license, passport I.D., or student I.D. will suffice.


3)WARNING !! During the exam, student caught cheating will receive a F grade for this course..So please don't cheat.


-For further questions: Kyung Ho kang (



Onlne bookstore for purchasing textbook

(Petrucci's General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications. 12 ed, Petrucci/Herring/Madura/Bissonnette, Pearson Education)


2) Kyobo book store:




Course registration guide: General Chemistry (CH101)

Starting this year, freshman must individually register for one of the basic required courses: General Chemistry I(CH101) and Advanced Chemistry (CH105). Please, refer to below. Please, review Lecture Summary of the Syllabus for the two courses and select only one.



2024 SPRING Semester General Chemistry I Syllabus


1. Course : General Chemistry I (CH101)  [lecture: Experiment: Credit = 3:0:3]


2. Lecture




Lecture Room (E11)

Mon/Wed (09:00~10:30)


윤동기 (Dong Ki Yoon)


Mon/Wed (13:00~14:30)


박정영  (Jeong Young Park)



최인성  (Insung S. Choi)



3. Summary of Lecture

  In this lecture on General Chemistry I, key topics include atomic structure, the periodic table, and chemical bonds(ionic, covalent, metallic). It covers chemical reactions, equation balancing, states of matter, and transitions like melting and freezing. The lecture also explores solutions and mixtures, acids, bases, and the pH scale, concluding with an introduction to thermodynamcis and quantum chemistry, focusing on energy in reactions and electron orbitals. This comprehensive overview lays the grounwork for understanding chemistry's fundamental principles and applications.  


4. Material for Teaching:

  o Petrucci's General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications. 12 ed, Petrucci/Herring/Madura/Bissonnette, Pearson Education

  o Lecture materials will be provided through the KLMS website of each class



5. General Guidelines

  1) All basics lecture notes can be downloaded at the General Chemistry Website:

  2) Practice Sessions led by TAs are scheduled from  8:00 to 8:50 pm  on Mondays. These sessions are optional, providing an apportunity for students who seek additional discussion and problem solving to participate.

  3) The grading system will be determined  based on the total scores achieved by students. The distribution of A grades (including A+, A0, and A-) will be less than 50% of the total class.

         To earn credit for the course, students must obtain a minimum score of 50 points. If a student's score falls below 50 points, they will receive an F grade.

    The breakdown of points is as follows:

      I. Mid-term Exam: 32 points

      II. Final Exam: 32 points

      III. Homework: 18 points

           - Chapter summary: 9 points ( 0.6 point for each chapter, maximum of 3 pages)

           - Chapter problem: 9 points (0.6 point for each chapter)

      IV. Attendance & Attitude: 18 points

           - Maximum of 18 points ( 1 point for each attendance of lectures and practice sessions)

      V. Plagiarism of Homework

           - First instance: warning with a dedeuction of 10 point, second instance: F grade

6. Waiver Exam

 The waiver exam on General Chemistry I will be held at the beginning of the semester, but only for those, who did not take any previous General Chemistry I classes.


7. Lecture Schedule  To be announced